Revolutionizing Team-Building: Embracing Digital Inclusivity at Sapiens Development

Sapiens Development reimagines team-building with a blend of physical and digital activities, promoting inclusivity across borders. It's an invaluable investment in our people, transcending traditional boundaries.

Why are team-building activities so important today? Why do they stay in style but instead get reinvented? Remember that we are still social beings, and our social aspect plays a crucial role in our daily lives. There are many benefits when we interact with others, and the primary goal of team-building activities is to strengthen these bonds and enhance our social skills.

There are various approaches to team-building activities. For instance, they can be used to work on aspects such as teamwork, communication, responsibility, critical thinking, reinforcing technical skills, improving workplace relationships, or enhancing the organizational climate. A well-planned and executed team-building activity can combine fun, relaxation, and learning.

In team building, we have had to adapt and innovate. Nowadays, not all activities are in-person, like a trip to the beach or organizing a lunch to share. There is also a digital aspect to consider, especially when many of our colleagues or collaborators are in distant locations or other countries. Budget constraints may prevent us from flying to meet and gather in person. It raises the question: "What do we do now?"
At Sapiens Development, we have innovated to execute hybrid team-building activities and ensure that no one is left out when it comes to strengthening or building better teams. We have utilized platforms like Teams, Zoom, Kahoot, and Weve. The latter is particularly remarkable, as having a moderator in a dynamic gaming room adds that crucial human connection required in any team-building activity we wish to conduct.

Not too long ago, we organized a team-building activity that included a pool, food, various activities, and games. However, we also took a moment to connect with Weve to play with our colleagues in other countries and had a fantastic time. We even sent them meal vouchers, ensuring they got that crucial part. Inclusion is all about this and considering a hybrid team-building approach where everyone can participate.

Team building activities are precious tools for improving organizational climate and fostering the growth of our personnel. Taking care of our employees' satisfaction will yield positive results, such as enhanced performance and productivity, mental and psychological well-being, greater customer satisfaction, and an excellent reputation for attracting new talent to the company. Team-building activities should not be seen as expenses; they are long-term investments in our most valuable resource—our people.

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