SAP EWM Consultant

Full time Costa Rica

Job Summary

SAP Consultant with an EWM certification in charge of implementing, configuring, optimizing, and maintaining the SAP EWM system to ensure efficient warehouse operations, integrating EWM with other systems, resolving operational issues, and providing user training and support.

- Configuring Warehouse Structure: Setting up the physical and logical layout of the warehouse in the EWM system, including storage bins, sections, and areas.

- Handling Inbound and Outbound Processes: Managing and optimizing inbound (receiving) and outbound (shipping) processes to ensure efficient warehouse operations.

- Managing Stock and Movements: Tracking and managing stock levels, movements, and replenishments within the warehouse.

- Optimizing Resource Utilization: Configuring and managing warehouse resources, such as labor and equipment, to optimize their utilization.

- Implementing Advanced Features: Utilizing advanced EWM features, such as slotting, wave management, yard management, and cross-docking.


- A minimum of 3-6 years of experience working with SAP EWM systems. 

- Advanced/Excellent communication skills in English. 
- Proven Expertise: Verified knowledge and skills in SAP EWM.

- Up-to-date Knowledge: Current understanding of best practices and new features in EWM.

- EWM Certification is a Plus.


General Ones:
  • Continuous training program
  • Talks and workshops on personal and professional growth
  • Organizational team building events
  • Rewards
  • Social Responsibility committee
  • Developer’s day celebration
  • Birthday off
  • Monthly kudos
  • Holiday celebration day off
  • 70+ Partnerships with restaurants, hotels, hiking groups, fitness, stores, medical services, psychology services, dental services, universities, pet supply services, pet medical pharmacy chains, events, and car services.

Payroll only:
  • Legal benefits
  • Life and medical insurance
  • Vacations
  • Paternity and maternity leave
  • Birthday gift card

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